West Bengal

All Bengal Science Workshop

In order to commemorate the 200 years of Dalton's Atomic Theory, an All Bengal Workshop was organized on 20 July at the Presidency College, Kolkata. Prof. Ananda Dasgupta of the IISER Kolkata and Prof. Nitin Chatterjee of the Jadavpur University were the speakers in the inaugural session. Prof. Dhruba Mukhopadhyay, Retd. Professor of the Calcutta University and President of Breakthrough Science Society presided over the session. In the second session, Dr. Nikhil Jana, Prof. Pradip Dutta, and Dr. Soumitro Banerjee answered the questions raised by the participants. Finally, Sri Ashoke Mukherjee, one of the advisors of the BSS, delivered the concluding talk. More than 300 students and science-loving people from all the districts of the state attended the workshop.

The other programs in the state were as follows:

5 January: Seminar on "Environment and Global Warming'' at the Dashaghora High School, Hooghly district. Speakers: Samar Bagchi and Subhasis Maiti.

13 January: Skywatching at the Kaji Nazrul Islam Institute, Kachrapara, North 24 Parganas district. Conducted by Apurba Senapati and Dr. Subhasis Maiti.

20 January: Discussion on solar system with slide show at Satyen Bose Vigan Sangstha, Deulia, speaker: Dr. Makhan Goswami

27January: A day long programme was organized by the Talbagicha Bigyan Charcha Kendra. It included a demon-stration of "Science through Experiments'' and a science quiz for the school children. At the end, a seminar on Darwin was conducted in which Mr. Ashoke Mukherjee was the main speaker.

4 February: Programme on"Learning science through experiments'' at the Dumdum High School. Conducted by Subhendu Pramanik.

16 February: Discussion on "200 years of Dalton's atomic theory'' by Dr. Subhasis Maiti at the Young Scientists' Forum, Kolkata.

17 February: Discussion on Evolution Theory and Gene Technology at Beacon Science Club, Midnapore, Speaker: Ashoke Mukhopadhyay

17 February: Discussion on the life struggle of Geordano Bruno at Bankura Science Society, Bakura, Speaker: Dr. Makhan Goswami. The club also organized a sky observation through telescope in which resource persons were Mr. Rajit Mahato and Dr. Makhan Goswami

20 February: Discussion on the life struggle of Geordano Bruno at Panskura Science Society, Panskura, Speaker: Dr. Damodar Maity

23 February: Discussion on "The life and struggle of Geordano Bruno" by Dr. Debabrata Bera, at the Madam Curie Science Society, Behala, Kolkata.

24 February and 6 April: Central workshop on the theory of evolution, conducted by Mr. Ashoke Mukherjee, Dr. Subhasis Maiti, and Dr. Soumitro Banerjee.

2 March: Workshop on Astronomy, arranged by Panskura Science Society, Panskura, Resource persons: Dr. Subhasis Maity, Tapan Das, Debasis Aich, Dr. Makhan Goswami

29-30 March: Workshop on Evolution Theory and Works of Charles Darwin: organized by Tamluk Science Society, Tamluk, Speakers: Prof. Sudhir Bhattacharya, Prof. Soumitro Banerjee, Dr. Subhasis Maity and Ashoke Mukhopadhyay.

13 April: Discussion on Science and Scientific Outlook, organized by Meghnad Saha Science Society, Temathani, Sabang, Speaker: Debasis Aich

16 and 21 April: The members of the Talbagicha Bigyan Charcha Kendra conducted anti-superstition campaign with "road-shows'', demonstrating the tricks performed by tantriks.

20 April: Arsenic detection camp conducted by Dr. Debabrata Bera, Basudeb Bhattacharya, Sriyam Panda, and Dr. Subhabrata Panda; organized by the Garia Arsenic Dushon Protirodh Committee. A discussion on the problem of arsenic pollution by Dr. Subhasis Maiti was organized the following day.

4 June: Centraldiscussion on "Nano-technology'' by Dr. Nikhil Jana.

5 June: Seminar on Conservation of Natural Resources of Water organized by Beacon Science Club of Midnapore on the occasion of World Environmental Day. Speakers: Prof. Supriya Sengupta, Dr. Damodar Maity, Ashoke Mukhopadhyay

5 June: Seminar on Environmental Pollution and our duties organized by Contai Science Centre, Contai, Speakers: Prof. Pradipta Panchadhyayee, Sasanka Sekhar Sarangi and others.

5 June: Demonstrative rally as a programme for environmental consciousness and tree plantation at Tamluk town organized by Tamluk Science Socieity.

5 June: Discussion on Global Warming organized by Meghnad Saha Science Society, Temathani, Sabang, speaker: Dr. Basudev Dhara

5 June: The Talbagicha Bigyan Charcha Kendra observed "The World Environment Day'' by eradicating Parthenium Sp. from their local areas and also interacted with the people around to make aware of the harmful effects caused due to the presence of this plant.

15 June: Discussion on Science and Scientific Outlook at Malanch, Kharagpur, Speaker: Dr. Makhan Goswami

25 June: The members of Talbagicha Bigyan Charcha Kendra organized a flood relief program at Pratap Pur, Narayangarh Block - II. Materials distributed: 50 Kg Flat Rice, 20 kg Molasses and few amount of clothes. Volunteers: Debarchan Chakraborty, Debdutta Nag, and Rakesh Ghosh.

IIT Kharagpur Chapter

29 January: A sky-watching programme was conducted by Mr. Prasun Dutta, research scholar, Department of Physics.

29 February: Nature Study at Digha from 29 February to 1st March. The study was conducted by Prof Tapas Bhattacharya of Department of Geology, Calcutta University. A number of research scholars and faculty members participated in this camp. The participants collected many samples and later organized an exhibition at the Technology club, IIT Kharagpur.

10 March: Saturn Watch: Mr. Prasun Dutta, research scholar, Department of Physics conducted the program.

19 March: A demonstration of "Science Through Magic'' was organized jointly by the Technology Club, and the BSS Chapter of IIT Kharagpur. Mr. Chanchal Ghosh and Mr. Rajsekhar Bhuyan conducted the programme, where campus children and their guardians enthusiastically participated.
A small workshop was also conducted by Mr. Ghosh where the members of the Talbagicha Bigyan Charcha Kendra and BSS, IIT Kharagpur Chapter learnt how to conduct such shows.

21 May: Seminar on Method of Science; Speaker: Mr. Ashoke Mukherjee

Flood relief work

Following the recent devastating floods in many areas of the West Midnapur district, the Breakthrough Science Society (IIT Kharagpur Chapter) took up the relief work in all earnest. In the first phase, about Rs. 29,000 was collected in a span of only two days. On Sunday, 20 June, four faculty members and six research scholars went to a remote village in the Narayangarh area - one of the places worst affected by the recent floods.

Prof. S. J. Hossain, Dept. of Civil Engg. and a member of Breakthrough team distributing the relief materials among the flood victims.

They personally distributed the relief materials in the villages named Kanthalia, Handlaghat, Porakella, Gobindapur, Hatikhoda, and Jalisai under Anchal No. 6, Narayangarh Block. The Belda Science Era - a local science club affiliated to the Breakthrough Science Society made the local arrangements.

In the two weeks following this work, an additional amount of around Rs. 33000 and a large number of clothes were collected, and we launched the second phase of the relief work. A team of faculty members (Damodar Maity and Amiyo Kumar Jana) and research scholars (Rajkumar Singha, Sachin Shaw, Surajit Mandal, Ranjay Das, Gaurav Sarkar, Nilanjan Chattaraj and Radhakanta Koner) set out with the relief materials on Sunday, 6 July to Pingla and Potashpur I Blocks - which were very badly affected by the recent floods.

Members of BSS, IIT Kharagpur Chapter are sorting old clothes for distribution.

After one and half hours of journey by car, the team reached Jamna. From there one team set out for Pingla (Anchal No 9) and another proceeded to the Potashpur-I area by motor vans due to bad road condition. In those villages most mud-houses had collapsed, and personal belongings of the villagers have been washed away. Many have spent days atop trees and on roads. Thousands of villagers spending weeks in such despicable condition, benefited from the relief work. The science club Meghnad Saha Science Society made the local arrangements to facilitate the relief operation.